"Midsummer in Midsomer"



We started at about 11.30 am, meeting each other in the bar, then we sat down to some delicious food. With a two course Meet & Greet Lunch at the base hotel, we could get to know each other before the weekend took off. Alas, we hoped to be joined by Neil Dudgeon throughout the weekend but he was filming Series 15 at that time so had to miss out. He did however provide us with a nice video message, which is still exclusively available to Society Members on this website.

Our chosen charity for 2012 - which received all profits made during the weekend was Hearing Dogs for the Deaf People, a UK charity and centre of excellence for training dogs to alert deaf people to important sounds and danger signals. It was their 30th anniversary in 2012. For further information, please visit www.hearingdogs.org.uk. We were very happy to welcome Beverley Pettiford, a speaker from their society to tell us about its valuable work during our lunch.

The committee with the people from Hearing Dogs organisation!
Afterwards, the coach took us to our first leisurely location visit  - Greys Court near Henley, a National Trust property, which appeared in the episode "Orchid Fatalis" as a monastery.

We then returned to the base hotel for our customary Midsomer Quiz Evening and a finger food buffet in between rounds. The quiz was once again a challenge for some and too easy for others!


We're off to Little Missenden, a lovely Midsomer village, which appeared in several episodes, in the morning. To guide us around the locations, there was a location trail and a quiz to find a worthy encumbent for this years' Midsomer Mug. For lunch, we stayed in this village and headed to The Red Lion, a Midsomer location pub in Little Missenden, for a BBQ lunch in the pub garden, on a small private island. 

The camera crew talking to Sabine

We were followed that day by a camera crew for the ITV3 programme "Crime Connections", the results of which you can see here.
In the afternoon, we headed to Haddenham, a very nice looking village which has been used often in the series and was holding its fete that afternoon. Surprise guest that day at our stand was none other than Sykes the dog himself, posing for many a photo and receiving lots of attention (which he obviously likes!).

We then went back to The Peacock, to change and refresh, and then headed to Long Crendon Manor in the evening, which has appeared in several episodes (including the notorious swimming pool into which the Cadillac went in "The Axeman Cometh", which we got to see!) to enjoy a lovely three course dinner. 


We visited Holloway College in Surrey in the morning, were we had an interesting tour and a light lunch in the painting room, after which we headed on to Dorney Court, where we enjoyed a tour round this fantastic private manor house, home to the Palmer family for several centuries.

Christopher Penfold
We rounded off the weekend with a two-course Farewell Dinner at our base hotel and were joined by another special guest, Christoper Penfold, who script-edited most of the series and gave us a very interesting talk. We then said our goodbyes to those who didn't come to Brighton the next day and already discussed next year's edition.

An audio file of Christopher Penfold's talk is available exclusively to Society Members!


A small group of us reached the Brighton Pier in the morning where we went for a coffee first to warm ourselves up. As the day progressed and some people went to see some of the Midsomer Locations in the area, we were surprised to see the sun come out! After some fish & chips near the pier we all went to see some of Brighton's attractions before meeting up again at the Grand Hotel to have a luxury afternoon tea before heading back to The Peacock!

At the Grand Hotel in Brighton!

Report and photos: © Pieter D'hondt